Need Computer Help?

At Hartmann-Cox we strongly encourage the use of a Bookkeeper to keep your financial information up-to-date.  They are a mobile, cost-effective solution to your needs.

We recognise that during your general data entry you can easily run into problems that need to be addressed quickly (before your bookkeeper returns for the monthly or quarterly visit).

To fill this void we offer the service of Remote Access to your computer to give you real-time assistance.  There is no need to describe each screen you are working through over the phone!  In addition to this support it can also facilitate the transfer of your data files direct to our server, this is more secure than email.

Our software was purchased from an international market-leader in Network Management, so security is not an issue.  Each and every Support Session requires your approval and attendance so your information and computer will remain safe, even from the Accountant.

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