Taxation & GST

Our taxation and advisory services include:

  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Business & Corporate Tax Compliance
  • Tax Planning
  • Business & Investment Structuring
  • Capital Gains Issues
  • Goods & Services Tax
  • Fringe Benefits Tax & Salary Packaging

Hartmann-Cox Chartered Accountants has the technical expertise to meet your needs in tax compliance.  We help our clients legitimately manage their taxation obligations through effective structures and planning.

The legislation is now 8500 pages and the tax pack is over 300 pages. We have a professional obligation to get the best possible return for you while keeping you within the guidelines of the law in everything that you are declaring to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO).

We can represent you in a review or audit by State or Federal Taxation authorities as proper representation is crucial.  Time is as important to you as anyone else and to have experienced professionals at your disposal to finalise an audit in a fraction of the time is invaluable.

Any ATO audit for which we gave the advice at question we will handle at no cost.  We view this as a challenge to our professionalism, and will defend you accordingly.  Assuredly, though, our firm's record for ATO audit instances is well below industry average, as published by the ATO.

Goods and Services Tax Planning

At Hartmann-Cox Chartered Accountants we assist our clients in managing their day-to-day GST obligations. We also provide advice in relation to complex GST issues such as capital acquisitions and property related transactions.

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