JobKeeper Monthly Reporting


  • Turnover for September
  • Confirm employees still eligible and have been paid at least $1,500/fortnight
  • Provide the information to Hartmann-Cox, or
  • Report directly at



Attention – We recommend your BAS information is finalised or close to final before reporting JobKeeper to ensure consistent and accurate reporting.


JobKeeper Extension 1 (28 Sept to 3 Jan)

To receive continuing payments past September we must retest eligibility using quarterly GST Turnover which must equal the turnover reported on your BAS.

Basic Test – Measure your GST Turnover for the September 2020 quarter in comparison to September 2019, you must be 30% or more down.

Alternate Tests – If you are not eligible under the basic test, the ATO will apply similar alternate tests to the original turnover test period. ATO guidance has not yet been published

Payments are now determined by the number of hours an employee works.

Operation of JobKeeper Extension 1

What must be done

  • Determine which Tier 1 or Tier 2 rate applies to each eligible individual.
  • Notify the ATO and eligible individuals of their applicable payment rates.
  • Ensure employees are paid their minimum fortnightly rate on time.

TheATO has allowed a payment concession for the first two fortnights until 31 October. This will allow you one month to determine eligibility and the relevant Tier for each eligible person.

What you don't need to do

  • Re-enrol if you are already enrolled in JobKeeper before 28 September.
  • Reassess employee eligibility or ask employees to agree if you are already claiming for them.
  • Reassess the nominated business participant.
We will report on JobKeeper Extension 2 (Jan-Mar) after Christmas. Payments will be $1,000 per fortnight for Tier 1 and $650 Tier 2 employees. Your BAS turnover must be morethan 30% downfor the December 2020 quarter in comparison with the December 2019 quarter.

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