JobKeeper Reporting

Reminder For Monthly Reporting


  • Each month by the 14th  
  • Actual turnover for July
  • Estimated turnover for August
  • Confirm employees still eligible

Monthly reporting is required to receive the JobKeeper payments for the previous month. This will be $1,500 for each of the two fortnights in July per employee or business participant, dependent on your eligibility. Only new registrants will not receive the full $3,000.

Reporting turnover DOES NOT affect your eligibility.

What must I do?

  • Determine if your registration is on a cash or accruals (invoiced) method.
  • Ensure that turnover for July is recorded completely for your registration method. 
  • Review quotes, business conditions, expected billings to estimate turnover for July. 
  • Confirm staff that were registered remain eligible and employed. 
  • Confirm that eligible staff have been paid at least $1,500/fortnight on time.
  • Provide the information to Hartmann-Cox, or 
  • Report directly at   
Payments will not occur until reporting has been completed. We recommend organising turnover records early  to prevent delays.  The ATO may send out their own reminder shortly.

JobKeeper Extension

Nothing changes until October, everyone remains eligible until the end of September
To be eligible for continuing payments past September there are now two eligibility periods.

To receive payments over the December 2020 Qtr, your turnover must be more than 30% down
for both the June and September 2020 qtrs in comparison with the relevant 2019 qtrs.

To receive payments over the March 2021 Qtr, your turnover must be more than 30% down for
the June, September and December 2020 qtrs in comparison with the relevant 2019 qtrs.

The ATO will release further guidance on the declarations process and the availability of
alternate methods of testing closer to the date.
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