Updated 8th April.

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To help those working at home

Claiming your home office has been simplified for your tax return.

We can continue to claim at the rate of 52c per hr to offset your costs for electricity, home office furniture and cleaning etc.  As well as the old rules for phone and net (max $50 for phone unless substantiated higher, net based on logbook % use of data), stationary, consumables and depreciation for computer equipment. 

The ATO have now released a shortcut method for those working at home due to COVID-19. The claim is for 80c per hour rate for people to claim, this is to include:

  • The 52c rate
  • The phone
  • The internet
  • Computer depreciation & Consumables (i.e. ink)
  • Stationery

Instead of having to substantiate and claim those separate items, you can claim the 80c rate by keeping a record of the hours you've worked from home.

It's geared towards helping people that usually don't have these claims to make a reasonable deduction based on some their varied circumstances. We'd recommend keeping records as usual and we'll choose the best rate when we prepare your tax return.

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Most importantly we are here to help with these measures as they apply over the next six months.

Please reach out to Centrelink directly where applicable. 


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